Hi there!

Let me introduce myself! My name is Reagan. I am originally from Oklahoma and I also claim North Carolina as my home. I am embarking on a journey that I am completely excited to share with you.

For many years, I have dabbled in the field of floral design, but was oblivious to the fact that it was actually calling my name, over and over again like a steady drum. Florals continued their call to me when my husband and I would visit the Raleigh Farmer's Market. Practically every week during the spring and summer, there would be this gorgeous bouquets of the most beautiful wildflowers - Sunflowers, Irises, Tulips, Roses and so much more! The brightest of colors and most radiant of smells. I was in love and couldn't get enough.

We later settled here in Arizona, and I made friends with several creative women. Together we made arrangements for several events throughout the year. Through these opportunities, my love of florals was rekindled, and here I am today - taking a leap of faith into the world of small business to do something that I love.

I put hard work, passion and pride into my creations, because I know they will play a very important part of someone's special day, be it celebration or sorrow. My hope is that I can make those days and events, a thousand times better than they would be without Copper and Bloom - a sad day would be stronger and a happy day would be fulfilled.

Welcome to Copper and Bloom.